The jargon of your sector correctly translated by native speakers


The jargon of your sector correctly translated by native speakers

How to translate text containing a specific jargon of a particular domain of expertise? We’re convinced that a free online translation tool isn’t the most suitable solution. Do you want to avoid literal translations? We’ve got the answer! Whether it’s a medical leaflet that needs a translation to English from Chinese, or your company’s privacy policy from Dutch to Spanish? We have the best online translators on our team. Lilo works with native speakers of 250 unique languages. On top of that they have the necessary knowledge of specific jargon. You only have to upload your document(s), select the language(s) you need and we match you with the best suitable professional translator, based on artificial intelligence. It’s as simple as that!

Online translation platform for every sector

Besides the fact that we can help you with translations in 250 different languages, you can also count on lilo for the correct translation of your document containing professional jargon. We match your uploaded text(s) with translator(s) that have knowledge of your domain of expertise.

Curious about which sectors our translators are knowledgeable about? Take a look at the types of translations we manage:

  • Legal translations and sworn translations
  • Medical and health translations
  • Financial translations
  • Technical translations
  • Commercial translations
  • HR translations
  • IT translations


Certified legal translation service

In this article, we’d like to focus on legal document translation. Why? The legal language cannot be flawlessly translated by a free online tool or anyone without knowledge of legal translations. These kinds of texts are the perfect example of why you should choose lilo. We are proud that we can support organizations as a legal translation service. That way, many companies can rely on us for the translations of their deeds, articles of association or statutes, contracts, privacy policies, and, other legal documents.


Why you should choose our legal translation service

We would like to highlight our online translation platform once again by pointing out its user-friendliness. Did you read our previous article about the great reviews two important clients of recognized law firms gave us? If you did, you already know the easy translation process of lilo global. Didn’t read the article? No worries, we gladly list the steps again or you can watch our how-to-use lilo video:

  1. Add your file. Our translation tool recognizes the language of the document.
  2. Choose the language(s) you need for translations. You can choose out of 250 unique languages.
  3. Lilo provides you with a list of some professional translators that match your content and needed languages. Based on the recommendations, you can choose your preferred translator. Our translator’s prices are visible as well.
  4. Set the deadline you have in mind
  5. Register your (company) details
  6. Place your order

Thank you for considering lilo as your legal translation service. Hopefully we’ll soon be able to welcome you as a new customer. You will, without a doubt, enjoy a successful collaboration.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.


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