Next-generation translation platform

Lilo makes the translation process fully transparent. We quickly and easily connect customers with our translators. Our goal is to help customers save time and money, while also enabling improved quality standards. We’re fully committed to streamlining the work process for translators, too. On both sides of the equation, we pave the way to better quality, sounder translation strategies, and more cost-effective use of budgets.

Why use lilo?

We provide the perfect alternative to old-fashioned translation agencies. By cutting out the middleman and providing a high level of process automation, the lilo translation platform is a win-win for both end-clients and translators.


If the idea of a DIY platform worries you, relax! You’ll be surprised by how many steps are fully automated. Ordering translations with lilo is as easy as online shopping. Plus, our great support team always have your back!

Based on the category of content you need translated (e.g. legal, medical, etc.) our matching algorithm picks out the translators that are best suited to your project. Legal translations, financial translations, medical translations, and much more. We match your project with translators that have the most experience in this field. This approach allows us to guarantee that only specialists will work on your projects. The feedback that you and other customers give to translators is taken into account by our algorithm as well. Brand consistency will never be an issue again.


Lilo team

Four passionate innovators with over 50 years of combined experience are all it takes to lift the language service industry to the next level. Having previously worked together at a top 50 translation agency, this cohesive team has a phenomenally successful track record.

Jurgen Goens
Founder & CEO

Jurgen knows this industry inside out. After gaining a masters in IT at K.U.Leuven, he jumped head first into the language service industry and has been there ever since. With an Executive MBA and over 16 years of experience in the translation business, of which 14 were in a leading role, lilo couldn’t have wished for a better ‘commander-in-chief’.

Jef Verelst
Software Developer

If we ever mention our kick-ass software developer, we’re talking about Jef. Jef has over 11 years of experience in software development, working on building, extending and improving translation management systems. A sense for detail combined with a critical eye make him an indispensable member of the lilo crew.

Stijn Cattie
Software Developer

Stijn is our absolute champion when it comes to software architecture. He has over 14 years of industry experience, both as a Java Developer and architect. Stijn is at his best when he’s working on complex solutions, searching to find the very best outcome. He’s got the inside track on all our software architecture magic.

Marlies De Bonte
Sales & Marketing Manager

Marlies is our creative hemisphere, focusing both on marketing and sales. She has 10 years of experience in the industry, across a number of different roles. With her ‘Yes we can’ mentality, she’s determined to ignite the lilo rocket ship.

Isaak Deman

Isaak Deman
BDM Europe

When it comes to bridging gaps between lilo and other business parties, Isaak’s open and dynamic approach to communication and development ensures lilo’s growth. With his vigor to be precise, clear, and determined, he seeks to expand our company not only in Belgium but also at an international level.

Our benefits

Lilo is the next-generation translation platform, making translations more efficient and cost-effective. Lilo offers full transparency in the translation process by connecting you directly with translators at lightning speed. This saves you time and money, provides improved quality and offers a streamlined translation process that also benefits our translators.

We support over 40 file types including IDML, XML, Microsoft Office and many more. Stop worrying about converting file types for translation – just add your file and get it translated quickly.

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