Happy customers of recognized law firms in the picture


Happy customers of recognized law firms in the picture

In this article, we give special thanks to our customers in the legal sector. Lilo is an online tool for translation that matches our client’s documents with the most suitable translator. Hereby, taking into account the needed languages and the domain of expertise. On our online translation platform, we work with more than 1000 translators, all native speakers, covering over 250 unique language combinations. In addition to these various languages that our translators speak fluently, many of them also master a certain jargon or domain of expertise. Are you looking for Spanish translators with a good knowledge of legal jargon? Bingo! At lilo, we make high-quality translations easy and smart. Our happy customers can confirm that with their great reviews. What a nice motivation for our employees and translators!

Reviews about our translation service

Most of the time, we complete translations for businesses. Think about companies in sectors like legal, medical, ICT, manufacturing, HR, and financial. Today, we like to focus on our customers from recognized law firms who entrust our legal translators with their legal texts. Special thanks to Brabants Dal, Advivo Advocaten and Maxius Advocaten. Curious about our cooperation? Below are some nice words about lilo hat we would like to share with you.


Brabants Dal – Eva Vandendriessche

I’ve been using lilo’s translation platform for several years now. Very user-friendly. Upload your legal documents, choose a translator who clearly indicates their price, set the deadline, and send it off. You receive the translation within the requested deadline. You can pay the invoice afterwards if you like. I can recommend lilo to everyone!

Advivo Advocaten – Jan Engelen

I use lilo for my translation work and this is to my satisfaction. They guarantee and provide fast service and good content at the right price.

Lilo, the most user-friendly online translation tool

Curious about the translation process? Check out our 6 simple steps:

  1. Add your file. Our translation tool recognizes the language of the document.
  2. Choose the language(s) you need for translations. You can choose out of 250 unique languages.
  3. Lilo provides you with a list of some professional translators that match your content and needed languages. Based on the recommendations, you can choose your preferred translator. Our translator’s prices are visible as well.
  4. Set the deadline you have in mind
  5. Register your (company) details
  6. Place your order

Happy with our translations and want to use lilo more often? You can create a (company) account where you can keep track of your previous translations and invoices. This way, you also see the translators you have worked with before.

Still have a question for us before you start working with lilo? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re glad to help you.

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