Your financial documents translated by native speakers with lilo


Your financial documents translated by native speakers with lilo

How to translate text containing a specific jargon of a particular domain of expertise? All too often, a free online translation tool simply doesn’t do the trick. Literal translations are not up to par with the sensitivities that a native speaker can detect. We’ve got you covered, thanks to the best online translators on our team, even if you need to translate your financial document from German to English or Dutch to Spanish. Lilo works with native speakers covering 250 unique languages. Just upload your document(s), select the language(s) you need, and—thanks to artificial intelligence—the platform matches you with a professional translator who knows the jargon. It’s as simple as that!

Financial translations online have never been this easy

When it comes to translating financial documents, you don’t take any risks. As a business owner, you want every financial detail to stay firmly put in translation. This jargon cannot be flawlessly translated by a free online tool. What you need is the attentive eye of a personal translator who knows the ins and outs of financial translations. These texts are the perfect example of where lilo makes the difference. We are proud to support organisations as a financial translation service provider. Companies rely on us for the translations of their annual reports, financial statements, insurance policies, and stock market reports.

The user-friendly online translation platform for every sector

Lilo can help you with translations in 250 different languages, even when the source material contains very specific professional jargon. We match your uploaded text(s) with translator(s) that have prior knowledge of your domain of expertise.

Our translators have two major benefits. One: they are native speakers. Two: they are knowledgeable about specific sectors. Count on lilo for:

  • Legal translations and sworn translations
  • Medical and health translations
  • Financial translations
  • Technical translations
  • Commercial translations
  • HR translations
  • IT translations


So, how does this work exactly? User-friendliness is key. The online translation platform follows a smooth step-by-step interface. Or just watch the video tutorial about how to use lilo. What you see is what you get!

  1. Add your file. Our translation tool recognizes the language of the document.
  2. Choose the language(s) you need for translations. You can pick from 250 unique languages.
  3. Lilo makes the match. We provide you with a list of several professional translators who are familiar with your content and required languages. Based on the recommendations, you can still choose your preferred translator. The translator’s prices are visible as well.
  4. Set the deadline you have in mind.
  5. Register your (company) details.
  6. Place your order.


Looks crystal clear, no?

Not sure if your domain of expertise is covered? Want to discuss a large batch of translations? We’re ready for all your questions about our financial translation service and more.

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