discover how lilo can help you with translations into uncommon languages

Translations into uncommon languages? Lilo handles that for you.


Translations into uncommon languages? Lilo handles that for you

You may know lilo by now. Translators who can handle professional terminology, an easy-does-it online translation platform, and excellent follow-up. We make it happen. You may not know yet that our list of target languages is long—very long. Because we work with an extensive online community of professional freelance translators, lilo provides translations in no less than 250 languages. From Serbian to Hindi or Indonesian: we can handle it.

discover how lilo can help you with translations into uncommon languages

Native speakers always know best

At lilo, we work with native speakers. It is the only way to ensure high-quality, error-free texts. Correct spelling and grammar are the least you can expect for important documents—including legal texts. Especially for rare languages, it remains best not to rely on machine translation. Automated programs may do a decent job from and to English, but you will definitely need a real person for less common languages. That is if you want your translation to make sense…

All in all, our professional translators can handle 250 unique languages—and counting. That includes specific domains with specific jargon. Your company’s privacy policy translated from English to Chinese, and your annual reports translated from Dutch to English, Spanish or Indonesian? No problem at all, you’re in great hands.

You know who you’re working with

Do you need several documents translated into the same language? Our online translation tool will match you with the most suitable translator, depending on the source language and the desired language, and also on the professional terminology.

Are you satisfied with his/ her work? Simply select the same translator for the next job. There is no easier way to ensure consistent use of language. And if you do work with a new person, just use our online chat tool for instructions about consistent language use. No hassle, when you can keep things personal.


Keep a bird’s eye view on your projects

You can create a free personal or business account on our website. You don’t need to sign up for a subscription plan or pay a license cost. We only charge a small service fee, which is automatically included in the translation cost of your project. Transparency matters to us as well, so we provide you with a clear breakdown before you agree to anything.

But most importantly: why would you create an account? To unlock our online translation platform’s full potential:

  • All of your (previous) projects in one place, including the translator’s profile, the source documents, the prices, and dates
  • Your invoices with price breakdowns as pdf downloads
  • The savings you’re making with our translation memory technology
  • The efficiency and brand consistency gained thanks to our translation memory technology
  • The option to register your colleagues as translators or reviewers

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