Lilo, 1 of 10 nominees for the Tech-Startup of the Year Award


Lilo, 1 of 10 nominees for the Tech-Startup of the Year Award

12 May, a very exciting day for us. Computable Belgium handed out The Award for Tech-Startup of the Year 2022 during the trade show Cybersec Europe. In March, the organization nominated ten start-ups, including Lilo. As the next-generation online translation platform with real native speakers, we’re considered one of the organizations with the latest IT innovations and developments. Our congratulations go out to Deltaray, who won and strongly deserves the award. Besides that, we’re also happy for Metamaze en Soda who both won the second prize as runner-up. Not all nominations turned out in prizes, but we’re definitely very honoured to be one of the nominees this year.

Computable Awards: Tech-Startup of the Year 2022 Award

Computable is the website that focuses on the latest news about business ICT in Belgium. Every year they hand out this award, amongst other awards. The jury consisted of Kris Poté; the vice-president at Capgemini, Frederik Tibau; the expert digital innovation at Agoria, and Peter Witsenburg; the entrepreneur at Cloudmakelaar, and IT & data governance manager at PSA Antwerp. They reviewed all of the pitches. Jurgen Goens, founder and current CEO of Lilo performed a perfect pitch, we’re very proud.


Our translation service  contributes to international growth

Translations are an indispensable part of international growth. That’s why we’re pleased that this nomination has given us the recognition that our online translation platform is truly innovative and disruptive to the industry. Our translation platform has a high level of user-friendliness for both our translators and our clients. We support them transparently and efficiently in matching the document(s) with the best professional freelance translator. This is all based on an artificially intelligent algorithm, taking into account the domain of expertise and languages.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of our platform that allows us to name ourselves among the ten proud finalists for the Tech-Startup of the Year 2022 Award.


The perfect alternative to old-fashioned translation agencies

Benefits for our customers

Lilo is the perfect alternative to old-fashioned translation agencies. Why? Our next-generation online translation platform makes translations more efficient and cost-effective. We offer full transparency in the translation process by connecting you directly with translators at lightning speed. This saves you time and money, provides improved quality, and offers a smooth translation process that also benefits our translators.

We support over 40 file types including IDML, XML, Microsoft Office, and many more. Stop worrying about converting file types for translation. Just upload your file and get it translated quickly.


Benefits for professional freelance translators

Our native translators are the key to good translation quality. That’s why we support them with technology based on artificial intelligence. Because the middleman is automated, our translators save time and get a fair compensation for their work. The payment method is fully automated. It’s a very simple process and in addition, the platform is free for them.
Based on the language combination(s) and domain expertise of a translator, our algorithm will intelligently match him or her with content uploaded by our clients.

Unlike traditional translation agencies, translators and the end client can talk directly with each other through an implemented chat, which means clearer communication, better control of the working process for translators, and a satisfied customer. Triple win!


To conclude, we would like to thank the team of Computable Belgium for this opportunity and wish the other nominated startups lots of success with their businesses in the future.

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