How to translate a website into another language


How to translate a website into another language

How do you translate a website flawlessly, making sure it still fits your brand identity and your company’s tone of voice? Your first guess might be to add a language translator plugin for websites that automatically translates content. Sure, this may be a quick fix, but there will be crucial errors in specific jargon—and the right tone of voice will definitely disappear. That’s where lilo comes in. Our online translation platform matches your website content with a suitable translator who is not only a native speaker but who also talks the talk of your specific domain. Goodbye to literal translations and syntax or spelling errors. What can lilo do for you and how does the platform work?

Boost your website and brand with impeccable translations

Save your developers’ time, steer clear of literal translations, avoid grammatical or spelling errors, and increase your translation quality. There you go. Our translation service will do just that. In addition, the user-friendliness of our tool is an immense advantage. This 30-second video is enough to show how it works!

Because your brand guidelines matter

Your brand identity. The beating heart of your company, the silver thread in all your communication. Because it is so sacred to you and your employees, the rules need to be carved in stone. Well, let’s say in a style guide at least. By means of the brand guidelines, people find the right tone of voice and stick to the right terminology. But how do you explain this to a translation robot? You can’t. That’s where lilo’s professional translators take over.

We work exclusively with native speakers who will implement your company’s tone of voice correctly in the desired language. You can speak to them directly via the chat on our website. Whatever the rules or preferences the translators need to take into account, you can simply drop your style guide or additional loose advice in the chat. All set!

With guaranteed expert knowledge of the domain

Every professional translator at lilo has his or her own domain of expertise. Our tool for translation matches your website content with the most suitable professional by means of artificial intelligence. Based on the terminology and technical terms in the text, we’re able to match you with a translator who is familiar with this specific jargon.

Keywords? We’ll process them in your content

A website that ranks well on Google? Preferably on top of the search results? Then keyword research in the desired language(s) is your first essential step. Of course, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a job in itself, so you might want to involve an agency to do the initial groundwork. Once the keyword research is done, however, count on lilo to ensure that the same care will go into all translations. Use our chat to inform your personal translator of the important keywords. Rest assured, your SEO score will be on point.

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