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Sorry, we're currently not actively looking to hire another great team member but feel free to send an email to info@lilo.global and we'll be in touch. 

What we offer

Always dreamt of working in a start-up?  A young company full of dedicated and energized people committed to building an amazing solution?  Joining LiLo will give you just that, you'll land right in the middle of the Belgian start-up scenery.  We're located in the Leuven office of the Start it @KBC incubator.  Start it @KBC has the biggest network of start-ups in Belgium  and they have partnerships with Telenet Kickstart, ThinkWithPeople (Cronos), Sirris (Agoria), and many more.

Meet the team

Meet our founders, together they have over 40 years of industry experience, making them the dream team to build an open and transparent solution.  Joining this team will give you the opportunity to leapfrog your knowledge on the translation industry, software localization, workflow management, agile software development, and much more.