When your translation process is giving you a headache, lilo is the perfect painkiller

Fast and simple process meets high quality translations at a lower cost

Looking for the best technical document translators?
Lilo is the next generation platform for hiring native translation pros combining process automation, artificial intelligence and human translation. Lilo offers full transparency in the translation process by connecting you directly with translators in lightning speed. This saves you time and money. Our smart algorithm makes sure we suggest the best suited translators for your content. Whether you need a technical, legal or marketing-oriented document translated, our translators have got you covered. 
Simply drag&drop your files to see the platform work its magic and get an instant price offer. We support over 40 filetypes. If it's editable, it's manageable :-). Or connect directly to your content management system through our API.

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After uploading you select your technical document translator and receive an instant online quote.

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Why use lilo to connect to technical document translators?

High quality technical document translators

We select only highly qualified professionals to work with you. To support them we use integrated translation technology. To go even further we introduce additional quality control revisions.


Simple process

Once you upload your file, Lilo uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze the document’s content so you quickly receive a smart match with translators who are subject matter experts in your field.

Lower costs

You'll immediately see how much the translation would cost with each translator. You also get reductions on what has been translated before thanks to our translation memory technology.


Connect your CMS

Save time and money by connecting Lilo to your Content Management System (CMS) via our API. Streamline your workflow with no more copying and pasting of files. You’ll finally be able to use your CMS to its full potential.

Connect to our translation pros

How to connect with lilo's technical document translators?


1. Drop your files

You can simply drag ‘n drop a file that needs translation, or use the upload button to select your files.

2. Select the target languages

Just add the languages you want your documents translated to. You can add multiple language combinations at the same time to speed things up.


3. Choose your translator

Based on the languages and the content of your document we will perform a smart matching with our translators. We'll recommend the best translators for your use case and show you their experience, field of work and price. You decide on which translator you want to work with.

4. Select the quality control options

It’s easy to add a reviser who offers an extra set of eyes that will check the translation with great focus.


5. Launch your project & start saving!

Lilo provides you with a full, transparent pricing overview.

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