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Step into the future of translation with LiLo, your translation technology partner.

For 17 years our team worked together building the technology for one of the world's largest LSPs. We get the translation business. If you take a close look at translation technology and software being created today it is either built by, or for, LSPs.  We began to wonder… "What if we can deliver the technology tools LSPs have directly to the freelance translator?"

LiLo evolved from of our conviction that we could build an all-inclusive platform for the freelance translator that would deliver the ideal working environment with all of the bells and whistles you need to help you streamline your translation projects and manage your business…. And, Voilà! We did! (modest grin) 

LiLo’s unique mission is to give you, the translator, all of the advantages of your own Enterprise Resource Planning system:

  • instant quotes
  • automated file analysis
  • centralized file storage
  • automated invoicing
  • prompt payment
  • translation memory storage
  • and more……

You name it, and we’ve created it. (And if we did miss anything, just give us a shout out and let us know what we should develop next.) 

LiLo is free for translators
And the best part? Even though LiLo’s features are priceless, it’s free for translators! You set your own prices and your invoice is generated automatically for each project. The LiLo platform is fully supported by a small service fee that is built into each project and added to the customer’s invoice. There are no initiation or membership charges, and no monthly fees to translators, and we are committed to keeping it that way. Everything is incorporated, including file and TM storage.  
LiLo finds customers for you

LiLo’s sophisticated marketing strategy will attract customers to the simplicity and speed of our platform, which ultimately translates (pun intended!) to increasing incoming work for translators using our platform. Set up your profile and customers will find you. Customers will be attracted to LiLo’s transparency and the fact that they get to work with you directly.

And you get to shine! Customers will rate you, so the better you do, the higher your rating and the more customers you will attract. You also rate the customers, so you’ll know something about customers through their ratings before you commit to work with them. We strive for a fair balance with a system that encourages and rewards quality and professional collaboration.

LiLo streamlines your business so you can concentrate on your customers

As a freelance translator you are running your own business, including sales, administration, invoicing, setting up your IT infrastructure, and so much more.  At LiLo we automate as much as possible for you, including the sales process to help you acquire customers. According to various industry reports from CSA, Gala or Nimdzi there will be more translations requested than there are freelancers in the world to complete them. Let LiLo streamline your business so you can make room in your schedule for the increased translation demand these reports are referring to!

LiLo calculates and delivers your quotes

Instantaneously…  Customers can upload their files, night or day, and will receive your price proposal immediately. And the price is based on the pricing you set. (Yes, you set your own price! No more middleman pressure to keep lowering your price.)

LiLo applies the statistics from the TM analysis to your rebate structure in the same way LSPs and customers with in-house translation technology calculate the purchase orders they send to translators. It's simple, straightforward, and immediate. In time, you'll be able to see the kinds of jobs you get from individual customers (on average), and you'll be able to fine tune your pricing on a per customer basis.

LiLo does the TM analysis for you

That’s right! You no longer have to maintain and store an entire inventory of translation memories for your customers. The LiLo platform stores and links every customer’s own translation memory to every uploaded customer file and performs a lookup in the correct translation memory. When you're ready with the translation, you simply upload your file and the correct translation memory gets updated. It's like having your own personal assistant and IT support person, all in one. Nice!

LiLo explains what MT is to customers

Since the advent of neural machine translation Google Translate™ and similar companies have created confusion in our industry, including the misconception that translation is free and that the job of translators will be more relevant in post-editing rather than translating. LiLo can be the impartial facilitator to help customers understand the differences and the importance of your role.

There will be paradigm shifts, as there are for any rapidly changing market. Customers will realize that entities like Google Translate™ are not free of charge for more than a few paragraphs. Translators that participated in impartial studies and measurements recognized that there is a time gain when using MT and embraced MT as a tool rather than competition. The time savings with MT makes it logical to offer a discount for MT proposals, just as it is for fuzzy matches, creating a win/win situation for customers and translators.

LiLo aims to continuously advance the way in which machine translation proposals are offered to the translator.  In addition, machine translation proposals should be trained on the customer's material and contain the customer's terminology. Both elements will increases translator productivity. That's our commitment, and together with your input and feedback, we can continue to improve the translation in all directions.

LiLo lets you work in the environment you want

We automate the TM analysis and the TM update without enforcing any CAT tool. We make a generic XLIFF and TMX file where we store all the information we retrieve centrally.  Most tools can use our generic XLIFF file and TMX, giving you the option to work in the environment of your choice.

That said, we also believe there is much room for improvement within the space of CAT tools today. What if we can offer you an integrated environment where you have live access to TM, terminology, and communication tools with the customer? It is our long-term goal to also build a web based editor to make your life easier. We’re on it!

LiLo streamlines communication

Inside LiLo we streamline the communication between the customer and the translators.  We believe there is unlimited potential in improving communication between customers and translators.  Imagine….. when you start working for a new customer you can find the answers to all questions that have been asked before.  Imagine….. when you type a new question, LiLo searches for matches automatically. Imagine…. when a translator asks a question, all the translators working on that file (meaning in other target languages) get the answer. Knowledge at your fingertips!

GDPR concerns? LiLo stores your files

With LiLo you don’t have to worry about GDPR compliance! LiLo has you covered. You can delete your temporary files and you don't have to store the TM and old versions of customer files. After you upload the correct final file to the LiLo platform you can delete your copy. We store the customer’s TM and files and give the customer the functionality they need to be in full control according to GDPR requirements.  Because LiLo keeps track of whose files are where, you don’t have to.  

LiLo does your invoicing

LiLo keeps track of every job you do so you don’t have to. Our list of completed tasks gives you the overview of all the tasks you did/are doing/will do.  Just select the tasks you want to invoice, we show you what you need to put on your invoice. It doesn't get much easier.

LiLo pays you on time

LiLo automates your payment. Customers enter their credit card details when they order, and we charge them as soon as you deliver. When you upload your invoice, we immediately transfer the funds to your account.

LiLo lets you offer your customers an extra level of service

With LiLo you offer your customers the same level of service and features as an LSP.  Your customers, large and small, will benefit from LiLo’s robust state-of-the-art system to manage their translation projects. They can upload files to be translated 24/7, receive an immediate analysis, and can pay instantly. You pick up the task at your earliest convenience. When you know the customer and have set specific pricing for them you know your quote will be accurate. Just send the package back when you're work is complete, and you will receive your payment. You’ve saved time you can now spend translating for more customers (or with your family!).

Become part of our community

Let us connect you! Connecting to your peers is important, both personally and professionally. LiLo is more than a technology and process edge. We’ll keep you connected to others in your industry, including your customers. We’ll keep you abreast of industry news, and research on new tools to increase productivity. Connect with other translators, exchange experiences, ask questions, collaborate with peers, interact with customers, and contribute to the greater good of the industry as a community member.  As the community grows, so will the impact.

We want to make an impact in the “word” community. Facebook groups collaborate, but we want to take this to the next level, creating automatic groups based on language and subject matter.  Being a freelance translator can be a lonely job.  So why not offer a seat at your table for co-working, or indicate you're up for co-working as long as it's, for example, within a 10 km radius. (And let them know that you like lemon cake as a snack.😉)  Let’s organize some get-togethers and mini conferences to bring colleagues together. Let us know what topics you'd like to hear about: blockchain for translations, deep learning for machine translation, the next translation editor functionality? Really, it’s your platform……

Your Platform, Your Way

Above all else, LiLo’s aim is to be your all-inclusive platform, your one-stop-shop. Our automated tools for both the translation process and the administrative tasks will:

  • save you time and money
  • help you improve quality
  • allow you to interact directly with customers
  • provide a connection with your peers.

But we will consider ourselves successful only when you say "Ok, LiLo gives me huge advantages for managing my translation projects and I’m ready to ask my customers to come aboard and start uploading their files to LiLo, my new work hub”. And if LiLo does NOT offer everything you need and more, please tell us what's missing so we can address it!

Wanted! Your input and suggestions

LiLo is the first-of-its-kind platform, connecting translators directly with customers. LiLo will continue to evolve and keep pace with technology advances, but the most important factor in our mission to meet your needs is your feedback and input. You are the key. And we’re not talking about a form email. Call or email us directly or use our chat function below and get connected with us immediately.

More questions?

You may still have questions. Reach out to us directly via phone, email or the chat below and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to connecting you directly to your customers and making your job the best it can be! It is our sincere wish to welcome you to the LiLo family. Give us a try, sign up, take us for a test drive! And let us know how we can help!

So, just a note to say: dress warmly ... eat well ... stay safe and sound ... keep smiling ... We're always there for you ... Signed ... Your LiLo family.