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All together, we make translation crystal clear

Lilo is the next generation translation platform, offering full transparency in the translation process by connecting customers directly with translators in a lightning speed process, saving customers time and money while providing improved quality and streaming the translation process for translators. Seriously! It’s all that!

Exceedingly passionate, utterly dedicated, and a bit geeky (but in a good way!), LiLo’s three founders have over 40 years of combined language service industry experience. This extraordinary team worked together for over 10 years developing and running the translation management system for one of the top translation agencies worldwide. Together they kept their agency in the top 50 of 18,500 LSPs in the world for over 5 years running1. That’s good math!

Now these three innovators are taking the language service industry to the next level with the same passion and drive.

This is what they say:

At LiLo, we show up every day because we want to solve the biggest challenges in the languages service industry… lack of transparency. In today’s language service industry customers and freelance translators work through agencies and have no direct contact.  Customers can’t communicate directly with their translators, and don’t even know who their translators are.  Customers are paying the additional cost of a corporate middleman and translators are pressured to reduce their prices to afford the agency larger profit margins.

In today’s business world, people use data more than ever to make more informed decisions. Our mission at LiLo is to make the language service industry completely transparent by connecting customers and translators directly and making the data transparent and accessible.

Meet the team

This extraordinary team got to know each other when, together, they developed the translation management system for one of the top 50 translation agencies for five years running (#36 of 18,500 in 2017)!  Together, they have over 40 years of combined language service industry experience, with most of that experience as a phenomenally successful and cohesive team. Their intimacy with the market gave them an insightful understanding of the current market practices and, together, they were convinced there was a more desirable and efficient method for freelance translators . By applying modern principles which facilitate transparency, Lilo paves the way to better quality, sounder decisions, and a better use of translation budgets.  Learn more …


Jurgen Goens

Founder & CEO

Jurgen knows the language service industry from the ground up. After receiving  a master in IT at the K.U.Leuven, he dove head first into the language service industry and has been there ever since.


With  over 16 years of experience in the translation industry, Jurgen launched his career in 2001 by designing and building a translation memory and translation management system, no small feat! From 2003 through 2016 he headed up technology development at Xplanation Language Services, the 36th largest LSP worldwide…. (Yes, of 18,500 LSPs!).

In his free time, from 2010 till 2015 he was simultaneously in charge of streamlining global operations at Xplanation, including coordinating a globally distributed team of operation managers in 9 countries. Jurgen was also tasked with optimizing engagement of key global accounts, facilitating customer collaboration.

Jurgen has been a speaker at various conferences, such as the “Help & Localization” conference in Copenhagen and has spoken on various topics, including machine translation.

Most recently.....In 2017 Jurgen received, an Executive MBA with Great Distinction from Vlerick, (while continuing to work at Xplanation). It was in this MBA program where the concept of LiLo was flushed out, validated, and put into motion.

Jurgen focusses on being in touch with the market, both on the customer and translator side of the business, and applying his industry knowledge and expertise to integrating the right technical requirements and planning with functional administration and sound financial planning.


email: jurgen@lilo.global
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Jef Verelst

Software Developer

Jef has over 11 years of experience in software development, working on building, extending and improving translation management systems. During this time, Jef has acquired extensive knowledge on the different aspects of localization.

In 2012 Jef took up the role of Solution Architect.  In this role he conducted interviews with the different stakeholders (customers, project managers and translators) to create the direction and path for the software development.

Jef has a degree in Information Technology from Leuven University, with a specialization in programming languages.


email: jef@lilo.global
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Stijn Cattie

Software Developer

Stijn?  Tech geek, plain and simple.  His moto (authenticated by experience): "if we build a good tool, they will come!".

Stijn is responsible for our overall software architecture, keeping it up and running and secure, making sure any type of user will feel right at home in our tools.  If anyone were ever tempted to cut corners, you can count on Stijn to keep them straight, demanding only the very best outcome. 

Stijn began his 14 years of industry experience at Xplanation in 2004 as a java developer. He was quickly promoted to Senior Java Developer, and to Lead Java Developer and Architect in 2011.  

Stijn studied industrial engineering at Groep T - Internationale Hogeschool and received a degree, with Distinction, in Computer Software Engineering from Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven. 


email: stijn@lilo.global
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Debbie Stone

Debbie Stone

Marketing Director

Debbie grew up in the USA and loves to pioneer new things! It can be a new customer program, a new course (she’s an adjunct professor) or just a new day living in Brussels, a city of 104 languages and 182 nationalities…..There’s always a new way to look at things!
Now you know why she’s passionate about Lilo’s community and tapestry of languages!

Communication is Debbie’s thing. She entered the mobile telecom industry in the early days (before the smartphone!). As an early pioneer, she started up teams and managed customer driven sales, marketing and service programs for three global mobile networks: Verizon in the USA, BellSouth/AT&T (Cellcom) in Israel and France Telecom (Orange) in Belgium. That’s a lot of subscribers!

When she was raising her children, she kept her balance as a freelance helping both startups and large companies grow and transform. She also created courses and continues to teach international students in the subjects of leadership and marketing.
She’s got her eye focused on our customers and together we’re teaming up to design the best translation experience for our community!

Debbie holds a Master’s Degree in Management from Boston University.


email: debbie@lilo.global
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